Crop Hail Insurance

Love & Persson Group are experts in Crop Hail Insurance and we will assist you in planning against Mother Nature's peril. With a number of insurance companies available to suit your crop hail insurance needs, these options will provide the security of crop hail protections at reasonable and affordable rates.

Crop Hail Insurance can be purchased as soon as your crop is out of the ground. In fact, there is no price savings in the hail rates as your growing season progresses so why carry this risk yourself?

Crop Hail Questions & Answers:

Q.  When does my Hail Insurance take effect?
           Hail Insurance becomes effective noon the day following the date of
           application. If received by the insurance company before midnight.

Q.  When does my Hail Insurance policy expire?
           Your policy will expire at 12 noon standard time on October 15th or when the
           crop has been harvested whichever comes first.

Q.  Can I insure my crop for more than it's worth?
            Insurance limits purchased should be adequate to replace only the income lost
            due to hail.

Q.  Is there anything I should do when I receive my hail policy?
            When your policy arrives you should review it thoroughly to insure that:
              a.  You understand & are familiar with the terms and conditions of the policy
              b.  The description of the crops insured, legal location and number of acres
                   insured are correct.
              If there is a mistake, it is much easier to correct at this time than after a loss.