Welcome to Love & Persson Group

Welcome to Love & Persson Group. LPGs roots in the community run deep, going back to 1956, when the late Ernest L. Love opened his one man agency. In 1965, Love Insurance Agency amalgamated with Persson Insurance Agency, and the partnership of Larry Love and Don Persson has grown and flourished over the years.

Today's LPG is built on the strengths and experience of seven active partners. Backed by a solid team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, LPG is committed to working with honesty and integrity, assisting our clients to meet their goals and objectives by always putting their needs first.  

NEWS Break:
Running for Fiji 

LPG Partners & Staff presented  a cheque to Desiree Rantala to help with expenses  as she  has been personally selected to be part of a team  from across North America travelling  to Nadi, Fiji to embark on an international journey to build a house. Desiree will be involved with the Habitat for Humanity Global Village organization which creates awareness for global housing issues. Left to Right:  Ron Love  Desiree Rantala  Ryan Sinclair  JR Moy  Susan Chapman  Edith Chornoby